Paravai, madurai - 625402

Affiliated to Tamilnadu Teachers Education University.

Rules & Regulation

All the students should abide by the rules and regulations of the college

  • On becoming a member of the College everyone should accept the obligation to obey the rules and regulations of the College.
  • Students should be respectful towards their Superiors, polite and Courteous to all.
  • While attending a classes or meetings students are expected to be attentive and silent.
  • Students should not damage the building, furniture or the Library books. The cost will be collected from the students if any damage is caused.
  • Students should be punctual.
  • Visitors are not allowed during the class hours.
  • Every student shall maintain silence and be attentive while attending classes, at meetings of the college associations and other gatherings.
  • Every Student shall consider it as her personal responsibility to maintain cleanliness of the college.
  • Every student shall strive to keep the classrooms and campus clean and eco-friendly.
  • Cell Phones are not permitted for students in the Hostel and in the College Campus.
  • Indulging in any of the following will result in dismissal from the College.
  • Ragging of any sort or indulging in emotional violence inside the college / hostel campus.
  • Any kind of malpractice (Cheating, copying in tests and examinations, giving false declarations etc.) in the campus or anywhere else.
  • Leaving the hostel without proper permission from the warden.

Late Comers:

  • Students entering the college after the assembly will meet the Principal and explain to her the reason and shall sign in the late register.
  • A student who does not return on the re-opening day after the re-opening day after the holidays shall be subjected to disciplinary action.

No Dues:

Clearance of fees dues is a pre-requisite for:

  • Permission to Write the semester exam
  • Getting Transfer Certificate from the college